Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card

Some product manufacturers are smart. While most manufacturers scramble to be the first ones to release their product on the market, other manufacturers wait and see how it goes before they release their own line of products in the same niche.

The R4 3DS cards niche is a highly competitive niche. There are a lot of R4 3DS cards from different manufacturers. Some of them, like the premium ones, have almost all of the features that you could ever want in an R4 3DS card but the price is not for everyone.

There are also some R4 3DS cards that promise to give almost the same features as that of the premium cards but their quality is a little bit flimsy.

A wise manufacturing company has to study the market first before they release their own products. That is the case with the Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card.

The Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card is a little bit late on its release but the wait was pretty worth it. Here, you have an R4 3DS card that rectified the mistakes and problems of R4 3DS cards that were rushed and released too soon.

What I mean by this is that up to this day, I have not heard nor received any complaints about the Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card. This R4 3DS card was released last year and seriously, there are still no complaints about it.

This R4 3DS card is slowly becoming one of the best because of its features and its durability.

You see, other R4 3DS cards out there come with poor packaging and the quality of the card itself is flimsy. You do not want a product that is of poor quality, right?

The Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card is different in that the packaging is well thought of, the card itself is durable, and the card comes with a new generation processor that boasts of faster read and write speeds.

Furthermore, the Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card is one of the first R4 3DS cards to support more than 32GB microSD storage capacity. This R4 3DS card supports up to 64GB of microSD storage, which is double the capacity to that of other R4 3DS cards.

It is also worth noting that the Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card has amazing homebrew applications support. This R4 3DS card can run homebrew applications like the popular Moonshell media player and the Action Replay Cheat program.

Best of all, this R4 3DS card comes with the DLDI auto-patching feature that allows you to just drag and drop homebrew applications to and from your computer because the card will automatically patch the homebrew files for you.

This means that you can install homebrew applications on your Nintendo 3DS without you having to do something extra.

Users of the Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card will also be happy to know that you can fully customize the interface of the card. You can change wallpapers, icons, and other physical things that you want to be changed.

The Acekard 2i R4 3DS Card is a solid R4 3DS card and it only costs $35.